Anti-Ageing & laser medicine

Anti-ageing and laser medicine

Modern and differentiated laser systems make it possible to treat skin structures in a targeted and precise manner without damaging the surrounding healthy skin. My practice is equipped with several modern laser systems that allow a variety of medical and aesthetic treatments to be performed. These include:

  • Elimination of vascular changes (telangiectasias, angiomas)
  • Elimination of spider veins
  • Removal of brown warts and fibromas
  • Treatment of pigmentation spots
  • Improvement in the appearance of your skin (wrinkles, coarsely pored skin)
  • Facial skin rejuvenation
  • Fractional CO₂ laser treatment for chronically photo-damaged skin, tiny wrinkles (e.g. lower eyelids) and wrinkles (e.g. cheeks), pigment shifts (e.g. melasma) and scars (e.g. facial scars caused by acne)
  • Acne scar reduction
  • Hair removal

Eyelid surgery with plasma without surgery

Eyelid surgery with plasma for a fresh and radiant look – without an operation

The elasticity of your skin diminishes over the course of your life. UV rays, stress, smoking and the natural ageing process all contribute to the development of deep wrinkles and drooping eyelids. This often leads to a tired and sad look. Surgical operation on the eyelids, however, is a major intervention that many patients do not wish to undergo.

The eyes are often referred to as the mirror of the soul. You look into people's eyes every day and eyelids have a large impact on someone's appearance. If they droop down limply, it can give an appearance of fatigue, sluggishness or even sadness.

Now a gentle and completely scar-free method of eyelid surgery is available that works with plasma. Plasma generates electrical energy that stimulates the tissues. By creating tiny micro-wounds on the surface of the skin, the skin regenerates through the natural healing process and can be seen to be visibly firmer.

Since the plasma only discharges a low amount of energy and also has sterilising properties, the area of skin treated heals very quickly and usually without any complications. This allows for the very precise reduction of excess skin. This treatment also visibly smooths the tiny wrinkles under your eyes, which leaves you looking very fresh again afterwards.

The method leaves you ready to mix sociably and pursue your job again immediately afterwards. Since only local anaesthetic cream is used, this treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis. Just a single session produces immediately visible results and can be repeated as necessary.

This new procedure is already being used very successfully in many European countries and the USA.

Skin rejuvenation

Youthful skin without surgery – Fractionated laser therapy

Over the years, the effect of the sun, our way of life and other environmental factors leave traces on our skin. This results in the formation of brownish spots, wrinkles, redness and scars. Our skin eventually loses its elasticity. It also looks less defined and out of shape. These days, low-risk alternatives to surgery are available to improve the appearance of our skin and reduce wrinkles.

Here, fractional laser therapy has established itself as one of the most effective and gentle methods of treatment available. It is particularly suitable for use on your face, neck and décolleté. It significantly reduces wrinkles and scars and stimulates the formation of collagen. It fades sunspots and makes your complexion more even. Your skin becomes more elastic and coarsely pored skin is refined giving it a more harmonious structure. Overall, your skins looks more youthful as a result. Fractionated laser therapy also achieves very good results on stretch marks, (acne) scars and pigmentation disorders.

So how does fractionated laser therapy work?

Fractionated laser therapy is one of the most modern procedures available for rejuvenating the skin. The laser creates fine channels in your skin. The surrounding tissue is left untouched, which leads to the skin regenerating quickly. The healing process for the minor injuries causes part of the skin surface to be renewed. At the same time, the heat created by the laser in the deeper layers stimulates the regeneration of collagen which has a firming effect. Some slight swelling and redness may occur immediately after treatment. Small crusts form that you can conceal with make-up that disappear after a few days.

Nail fungus laser therapy

Anyone who has already suffered from toenail fungus knows that it can be very unpleasant. Your thick and yellowish nails look ugly and are difficult to hide, particularly when wearing open-toed shoes in the summer. If the disease spreads to other parts of your body, such as your feet, then an aesthetic problem quickly becomes a medical one.

Although creams and tinctures can generally be used effectively to treat fungal skin infections, they often fail to work effectively as a treatment for nail fungus, because the fungus lies below the nail plate and is thus difficult to reach. The lengthy and regular use of preparations like these with a low chance of success rarely provides relief and is frustrating for the patient. The treatment of nail fungus using medication in tablet form is often recommended as a result.

An alternative and much newer method is the treatment of nail fungus with laser therapy. Patients who do not wish to undergo treatment using tablets for fear of possible side effects owing to health reasons, such as increased liver and kidney readings, are well advised to use laser therapy. The heat generated by the laser has an antibacterial effect and kills the fungi and spores in the nail bed. Conventional creams are also used to accompany the treatment. The advantage of this method is that it shortens the overall treatment time and significantly reduces the expense for the patient. Various studies have already shown how effective laser therapy is. The number of sessions required depends on the intensity of the fungal infestation and the individual's propensity for healing. I will be happy to advise you further about this method of treatment.

Anti-Ageing & Lasermedizin