"I offer privacy at the highest level
combined with an aesthetic and
welcoming atmosphere."

Dr. Naderi


Welcome to my Dermatology Private Practice in Nienstedten

the premier destination for aesthetic dermatology in Hamburg, located on Elbchaussee.

Medicine and aesthetics in harmony - My work for you is a matter of the heart. The skin is the mirror of the soul and plays a significant role in human well-being. It deserves our time and careful treatment. Both of which I offer in my private practice.

My focus is on aesthetic dermatology. Every face is a work of art - and often, small corrections or enhancements are enough to reveal individual beauty. Because that is what matters to me: that my patients feel comfortable in their own skin.

With over 15 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, such as advanced lasers, I always prioritize the individual. I take the time for each person and provide personalized comprehensive care, with beautiful practice rooms offering views of the Elbe for relaxation and inner tranquility. Together, we discuss the goals of the treatment. And in the end, we achieve a result that is natural and aesthetic.

Our Treatments

Medicine and aesthetics at the highest level



Automatic Total Body Mapping

Experience the feeling of comprehensive prevention! We work with FotoFinder bodystudio Automatic Total Body Mapping, the leading system for comprehensive skin cancer screening.

ATBM Master